Tuesday, June 17, 2008

even more robots!

again, another drawing i did. for this one i wanted to put together more organic forms with the mechanical. maybe next step will be mechanical forms over organic forms or vice versa. some greater integration of the two.
This was drawn with a ballpoint pen and colored in photoshop.

(click the thumbnails for a larger picture)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

more robots!

another venture into the land of the mechanical for me. I've been looking through books trying to concentrate on more realistic moving parts and joints. I dunno how well i succeded with this one, i think the arms are looking alittle less cartoonish then ive drawn them before, but i did have fun with this guy.
He's a Terrain Recovery Bot, hence his big wheels. He's able to rotate his body while remaining stationary 360 degrees and can overcome most rocky or steep earth. He's meant to recover the parts of destroyed equipment and vehicles.
Im including both the original drawing and the colored version of this drawing below.
terrain recovery bot terrain recovery bot colored
the original sketch was done in bic ballpoint pen. The sketch was scaned and brought into photoshop where i did the coloring with a graphics tablet.

Monday, June 2, 2008

post 15



these were some doodles i did for fun a few days ago (along with some marker testing in the center of the page) that i scaned in and decided to make into finished illustrations. Ive been folling around alot more with digital coloring and making textures and personality to coloring. IE rust and dirt. I want to start looking at some actually machinery like the landing gears on planes and construction equipment to get a better feeling of how arms and legs would attach and then move. Also work on lighting conditions and getting a feel for true to life shadows and highlights on a form, especially ones that are metalic like these.