Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i am the happiest i have been in a very long time. Things have finally come around for me. No more shitty roommates or living situations, no more strange undefinable friendships/ relationships. I might still be in transit, but i am so happy.

the past two months have been such a strange and wonderful endeavor. I have never been so poor in my life. I've been on a 4000 mile road trip to see my parents and see the midwest and see my old friends. I have solidified my decision to be in boston. I know i need to be where i am. I have a decent job, even if i get sick of it (who doesnt?) i live in a decent apartment with good people.

I have the best of friends.
I'm dating someone who is truly wonderful to me.

I spent today at the beach and waded in the cold Nantasket water and baked on the rocks of the shore at high tide. I ate ice cream with friends, and drove with the top down. Im losing weight and getting some color from being on my bike.

it seems everyone around me is in good spirits as well. Its very liberating.

I have not been so comfortable or happy with myself and the things around me in so very long.

Thank you, Massachusetts and everyone in it. <3

Friday, May 15, 2009

moving the blog

hey ya'll, im moving my main operations form Blogger to Wordpress. I like their layouts a ton more and they feel a bit more professional. Lots of editable stuff, cool layouts and the option to upgrade to a private URL. It's a good place to deal with so far, everyone should check it out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i like skulls.

a study of a skull. The next drawing i do for degree project will somehow reflect this. I like the linework, im a bitch for brush tip pens.

One part of an ssignment for my conceptual drawing class. I dont have a picture of that (though i will) but i liked the skull and took a picture. la-dee-da.

a detail shot from my first degree project piece. Im still working on it to make it as perfect as i can. The darks will be darker, color will look better. The whole thing measures about 16x20inches and is done in graphite, ink, and soft pastel. My degree project is about the Wild Hunt in Scottish Myth. A procession of beasts and spirits that round up damned souls and take them to hell of use them as soldiers in the hunt. Really its just devolved into a reason for me to draw skulls.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something old, something new.

two things to put up today, once ive been meaning to put up since the summer.
this first one is a drawing i did while listening to the oh so wonderful Deftones (go figure). It's drawn from the song Change In The house of Flies and was done in pen, highlighter, and colored pencil.
the original drawing measures about 11x14 inches.

this second one was the first project for my typography class. (word and image) we had to create a font based off of our own hand writting, then make it consistent by tweaking ligatures, kerning, arms, x-heights, ect. When done with that we used a descriptive word to blow up and fill in with an illustration of the word. The word is about 7 inches high and 38 inches long. Entirely done by hand with prismacolor fine liners over the course of a week.

peace out ya'll.

i have ridden the moon worm.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

epic work dump.

i realize its been far to long since i actually did any updates.
i have quite a bit to put up as of now.
it's been quite a busy semester so far, even within the first few weeks. Lots of work, lots of thinking.
first one is for my illustration 3 class. the first project we had was to do concept work for characters from the first few chapters of Geek Love, a novel about a family of side show freaks. After doing concepts for the individual characters we then set out to design a new cover for the book. i deviated away from doing character montages and scenes because i really cant stand it when book covers or DVD sleeves just try and cram an entire movie into a little drawing or photo.

this is one of my concept pages for Leonna, a lizard like little girl who died as an infant.

then my finished book cover. One of the things that was talked about early in the book was the geek pit, where Crystal Lil would entertain crowds biting the heads off of chickens. good clean fun.
(click for a larger image)

next a few things drawn from life.

peace out!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


monster valentine

i colored it once in illustrator and didnt really like what happened, so im trying again later. till then, i have this version for you.

yay candy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


everyone come look at my shop and buy things.

good times.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RIP el pelon.

fenway fire

rest in peace for now, el pelon.

fenway fire

may all the restaurants of the fens come back!