Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post five

So the following is a drawing done for my Figure drawing class. The assignment was to take a photograph and recreate it as closely as possible. We were allowed two class periods with one of our new models to work with them and take pictures. The photo i drew from was taken with a cannon powershot something or another, 8.0 megapixel, 10zoom (which doesnt do shit.) Its a good camera though. I took a few proccess shots, kinda to show my work as it moves.
John, begining John, almost done
John, Finished

i was really upset and frustrated before i even started doing this thanks to a terrible week. From the way it turned out, maybe i should get my self angry before i do any drawing. I got into a really good groove when i was doing this, its bassiclly entirly crosshatching. Ive been taking alot of influence from a few kids in my grade who are awesome with that technique.
Its done in graphite, 2B and ebony.

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