Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post five

So the following is a drawing done for my Figure drawing class. The assignment was to take a photograph and recreate it as closely as possible. We were allowed two class periods with one of our new models to work with them and take pictures. The photo i drew from was taken with a cannon powershot something or another, 8.0 megapixel, 10zoom (which doesnt do shit.) Its a good camera though. I took a few proccess shots, kinda to show my work as it moves.
John, begining John, almost done
John, Finished

i was really upset and frustrated before i even started doing this thanks to a terrible week. From the way it turned out, maybe i should get my self angry before i do any drawing. I got into a really good groove when i was doing this, its bassiclly entirly crosshatching. Ive been taking alot of influence from a few kids in my grade who are awesome with that technique.
Its done in graphite, 2B and ebony.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Post Two

I have a few to put up today.

This first one is a work in progress; im doing it for my own enjoyment and to hopefully have finished to put in a portfolio before february.
This is a smaller peice, its 9'' x 5'' i think with a two inch boarder on all sides. Its done in 2B and 5H mechanical graphite. When its done there will be more skulls of different types behind the figure (which is me) and i havnt really decided if i will have any solid shade behind me or just cast shadows.

this peice was done for my illustration class. We had to pick a superstition and illustrate it. I originally started with it was "good luck to run upon three sheep."
fox and sheep
When i started drawing it i was going with the idea that the foxes had the good luck of coming upon the unattended sheep and ate them. After i got the skeletons in i liked how the stacking of the bones and skulls was looking so i decided to change my idea alittle. There was another superstition that it was "bad luck to run upon a group of foxes." Easily enough it was just a mater of putting a few more skeletons in there and placing the foxes.
This is 10'' x12.5'' and done in marker, ink, colored pencil, and water for blending.

This last one is a little older. This was done early this year for my figure drawing class.
I love cross-hatching as a technique and think this is a good example of it. This is the model Alice, and it was done in india ink with a fine point nib. It's 20'' x 18''.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Post One

so i guess i want this to be an art blog for myself so i dont have to deal with a website right now. Every once in awhile i'll upload things im working on or finihsed peices.
First peice i want to upload is something i finished a few months ago. Its done in graphite.
We had to take two pictures and then seamlessly put them together and then add a self portrait. my two images were photos i took in Beijing at the dirt market. One pic was of two huge pho-dog statues, the other picture was of a ton of small buddah statues. Im among the buddahs.
finished dogs
i like how it turned out ,the original image is alittle lighter overall then id want it to be, so i boosted contrast in the computer. It measures about 10.5 x 12 inches.