Monday, April 28, 2008

Post 13

For my final assignment in my figure drawing class, we were brought to the Body Worlds Exhibit in milwaukee. Our assignment was to draw a figure from the exhibit and have that interact with another figure.
horse anatomy
My level of interaction is the group of kids behind the horse. I was doing alot of studies of the middle and high school kids and all the strange or ignorant things they were saying. Most of them congregated around the horses back end and snickered among themselves about the horses tid-bits.
The linework was done in graphite and ballpoint pen, color was done in photoshop.


amin said...

hi alex. my name is amin . from iran . i study sculpture . my final project is about polo. thank you for this drawing.

SteveCook said...

Thank you very much for this post; I know it's a couple of years old now, but I was scanning Google Images for a good 'horse anatomy' picture, and this popped up. Very handy, thank you. I've used the image to help my imagination out as I've been writing a scene of my book, in Chapter 16; it's not up yet, but will be once I've gone through and checked it. Thanks!

-Steve Cook