Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something old, something new.

two things to put up today, once ive been meaning to put up since the summer.
this first one is a drawing i did while listening to the oh so wonderful Deftones (go figure). It's drawn from the song Change In The house of Flies and was done in pen, highlighter, and colored pencil.
the original drawing measures about 11x14 inches.

this second one was the first project for my typography class. (word and image) we had to create a font based off of our own hand writting, then make it consistent by tweaking ligatures, kerning, arms, x-heights, ect. When done with that we used a descriptive word to blow up and fill in with an illustration of the word. The word is about 7 inches high and 38 inches long. Entirely done by hand with prismacolor fine liners over the course of a week.

peace out ya'll.

i have ridden the moon worm.