Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i like skulls.

a study of a skull. The next drawing i do for degree project will somehow reflect this. I like the linework, im a bitch for brush tip pens.

One part of an ssignment for my conceptual drawing class. I dont have a picture of that (though i will) but i liked the skull and took a picture. la-dee-da.

a detail shot from my first degree project piece. Im still working on it to make it as perfect as i can. The darks will be darker, color will look better. The whole thing measures about 16x20inches and is done in graphite, ink, and soft pastel. My degree project is about the Wild Hunt in Scottish Myth. A procession of beasts and spirits that round up damned souls and take them to hell of use them as soldiers in the hunt. Really its just devolved into a reason for me to draw skulls.


Allison Bamcat said...

I'm happy you updated your blog.
These are beautiful.

alex.carlson said...

i need to get a website. if i had one of those id update more. ha

alex.carlson said...

and bid-nez cards. we should do that for me soon.

Veronica said...