Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i am the happiest i have been in a very long time. Things have finally come around for me. No more shitty roommates or living situations, no more strange undefinable friendships/ relationships. I might still be in transit, but i am so happy.

the past two months have been such a strange and wonderful endeavor. I have never been so poor in my life. I've been on a 4000 mile road trip to see my parents and see the midwest and see my old friends. I have solidified my decision to be in boston. I know i need to be where i am. I have a decent job, even if i get sick of it (who doesnt?) i live in a decent apartment with good people.

I have the best of friends.
I'm dating someone who is truly wonderful to me.

I spent today at the beach and waded in the cold Nantasket water and baked on the rocks of the shore at high tide. I ate ice cream with friends, and drove with the top down. Im losing weight and getting some color from being on my bike.

it seems everyone around me is in good spirits as well. Its very liberating.

I have not been so comfortable or happy with myself and the things around me in so very long.

Thank you, Massachusetts and everyone in it. <3