Sunday, December 23, 2007

post eight

Awhile ago i was givin the assignment to do a memorial piece for a family friend of mine. About two months ago her son, Staten died in a car accident and in memory i did a poster for her of her son.
staten everhart
This peice was done in adobe illustrator with the help of a Bamboo Wacom tablet and printed 36 x 24in. I refrenced a photo of Staten for the face and pose, the shirt and type were all hand done. The lyrics to "In My Life" by the beatles is running behind him.
Seeing it framed was something new for my work. I rarely ever see my own work framed, seeing as if i hadle my own work i choose to keep it as far from my own eyes as possible. It was nice seeing this one though, especially knowing it was going to someone who would really understand it and have a connection with it.
This was also done knowing that within a few days ALOT of people would be seeing it for chirstmas parties and what-not.
With that in mind this came along.
business card
this is my make-shift business card. As mentioned above, knowing my work was going to be in the public eye i figured i'd submerse myself in the party prepared. If the poster caught anyones eye i could at least leave them with something. This was also done in illustrator with a photo refrence.

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