Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Post nine

been awhile since i updated. Havnt really been doing to much ive wanted to upload, but ive got a few recent things to put up now.
This first one is a page from my sketchbook. i had an assignment for my illustration class to do a magazine cover that depicted a famous person with either an animal that relates to them or the person displying the animal likeness. I chose to do Jack Horner whi is a palientologist who disovered the Maiosaur and also came up with the theory that dinosaurs were good parents (among other things.)
These drawings were my studies done for the dinosaurs and also ended up being the only part of the assignment i though turned out well . I'm not happy with the final peice, though i may redo it later on.
Dinosaur studies

The next two are some figure drawings i did late last semester. both were done in mechanical 2B graphite. The first one is rougly 18 x 10 inches and the second is 18 x 20 inches.
reclining nude
reclining nude 2

hopefully i wont go another month without a post.

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