Saturday, October 18, 2008

monsters and marcus Aurelius

I've been quite busy lately.

between work and school my days have spent either at Dick Blick stocking shelves and wowing people with my awesome knowledge of paper and paint, or working on this and that in the studios at Massart. I have today, two things id like to share with you all.

both of these assignments are for my Advanced Drawing class.

this first one here is for assignment simply entitled "cast shadows." i wasnt really to excited for this project until i stopped caring about it. We were supposed to have shadows tell a bit of a story and be the main point, but through some extensive critiquing and mulling over my ideas, i reached this one. the shadows are there but are not really the center of the drawing, which im totally okay with.
I love my monsters, they have really become a huge part of my work recently between my drawings and the cutouts. I've also become quite known for them here as well.
This drawing was done in graphite mechanical pencil on tracing paper.

marcus Aurelius and his great steed
this assignment was more of a personal based assignment. we drew many everyday objects and then picked out favorite drawings and had to give that chosen object a new life or meaning. i chose a stool i drew. many of my original drawings were anthropomorphic in the fact that i had drawn the original stool with legs or fins. The idea i had before mister Aurelius here was a derby race with stools rather then horses, but i though this was far funnier.

graphite mechanical pencil on Canson marker paper.

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