Tuesday, November 25, 2008

work-dump, finally an update.

so everyone has harassed me into finally updating again. not for any lack of work, just more laziness to type and format images, ect.
but yes, here they are:

this was done for my advanced drawing class. The emphasis had to be on hands. I kinda took it in my own direction. This is about 9''x20'' and entirely done in colored pencil. I think its one of my better drawings for this semester.

this was also done for my drawing class. The emphasis on this one had to be on a reflection. The was done the night before it was due and the idea and method came more out of frustration then anything else. I actually really like it now. this is done in cut paper, colored pencil, and crushed vellum.

David's Monster
and this is an extension of what seems to be my epic takeover of the 9th floor. Ive made a few shirts like this for friends and have now moved on to see if i can sell them. Any color monster, on any sized shirt. the only shirt color i have right now is white, but that will change soon.
if you bring me an article of clothing, i will put a monster on it.
a scant $20 for a custom shirt, $18 if you bring me the clothing.
if any of you fabulous readers out there want one, email me your desired color of monster and shirt size to alex.carlson@mac.com or comment on this entry.

bye for now!