Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cardboard Minions prt. 2

Another installment of my cardboard takeover of the ninth floor of MassArt.

Two more little fellas. I have a little bit of a cardboard axis across the studio, it seems. A guy from across the studio asked for a piece of cardboard from me to make his own cutouts. We laughed about having a war ensue from the two parts of the studio. In that idea, i made my et tu brute hoplite.
the little squid fella was just a small gift for a friend who moved into his studio today, hes only about ten inches tall and on a thinner board. The bottom two are just ideas that formed while doodling on the masonite board that covers my drafting table. the little one eyes king is kind of a reoccurring thing. if you look back to an older post you'll see a little alien man making a burger in a spaceship, his name is Sid. The guy above is named "King Sid" pretty much the same idea i guess. The anteater alligator strange thing is named Walter.

It was a good day today. The seniors moved into the studios yesterday, and the juniors moved in today. Its nice to be surrounded by all the people i'll be calling peers from now on. I cant wait to see the studios full with work. Im feeling very inspired by the change in scenery and city, and people.

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