Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cardboard Minions

its been awhile since i touched this thing. Between moving back to boston and the start up of school, its been hectic and the amount of work ive been doing has been less then satisfactory. BUT, now that i am in a studio at MassArt, ive managed to do a few things.
As a junior i get a desk and cubicle like area on the ninth floor of the building with the rest of the illustration juniors and seniors. I managed to get a good desk thanks to a freak encounter with some existing students and maintenance workers.

I felt the need to make it feel a bit more like home, and remembering back to the last time i had a studio in my senior year of highs chool, at Walnut Hill School For Arts, an idea came rushing back to me. This also was in part discovered by my reawakened love for Dave Johnson.

Cardboard Cutouts!

i had a few in my old studio, and to my great pleasure, someone had put about 10 large untouched sheets of thick cardboard in the 'freeshare' pile in the studios, so i claimed them as mine and have been enjoying the labor intensive process of cutting things out and then coloring them.

(make with the clicking for a larger image)

God only knows what the lizard thing is. just a small drawing in my sketchbook that turned into the above. The 'i like to watch' guy is something that actually began its roots in highschool. i had done a similar thing in one of the bathroom stalls in my highschool but he got taken down and eventually stolen. This guy is just his senior i guess, but looks much different. And of course, the all mighty and super sexy Hellboy.

i want to make more, i feel like this is going to become either a deep addicting problem that takes over the department (or at least my suite) and pisses off my studio mates; or in a better outlook, maybe someone will like them and take them off my hands after awhile.

They are each about 3-3.5 feet tall. Oil based sharpie paint marker for the black areas, acrylic paint and white out pen for the whites. Hellboy has some crayon and china marker on him as well.


cutouts said...

Card board cutouts can be soooo addicting. The lizard is very unique and different. For my cutouts needs i go to Life Size Custom Cutouts . This site allows you to submit a picture for them to make into a cutout.

Anonymous said...

Yo dood
I've said it before, but the cardboard cutouts are awesomely rad. The 9th floor illustration dept. actually has a blog for students and graduates, you should join! It's at
You have to e-mail Micah to join, ( just let him know you're in illustration this year, etc and he'll be cool with it.
-Ben Z.