Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cardboard Minions pt3

it seems these little guys have been collecting across the studio. Ive been having a number of requests from other people in the studios to do them.
Sometimes i feel if im going to get famous it will be for all the wrong reasons, ha.
Click the images for a larger version.

The little eskimo looking man is named Walter. He now lives with Adam Tibbets in the studio. He's a bit smaller and on a thinner board.
The Little batman was more an exercise in anatomy. My friend Dave had been giving me pointers of superhero physic. it mildly succeeded on some aspects, i still need work though. Black paint with white china marker.
Catasaurous was made for my buddy Ben Z who works next to me in the studios. Due to a recent mouse problem, i found it appropriate to give him the Catasaurous. I ran out of cardboard when i made this, so he is made of a thick craft paper.
LOL Batman was derived from one of my lessons from Dave in which we drew on my desk and a sketch of batman was born which i then put a silly face on. Adam decided he wanted a big version of that, thus this cutout came to be.
lastly, upon request from a friend of mine, Nick, the last cutout was made. His name is steven and he's the tallest of the small monsters.

if by the end of the year (or even semester at this rate) if i have a good collection of these guys that are mine, i want to put them in professional looking mattes and try and get into a gallery with them.
Im beginning to wonder what other things i can apply these guys to. There is a world of design beyond cardboard after all....


sleepy said...

those are pretty sweet!
check out for some cool ideas.

Allison Bamcat said...

I love your cardboard creatures.

Make me one!!