Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my first big MassArt project! WIP

after a long and tedious process of actually getting into the illustration class i wanted, i was pleased to no end to discover that the first project we were to do for illustration was to draw concepts and then build a mask. Now, i love masks, so you can imagine how excited i was. I drew up four concepts, two of which im uploading, because i cant find the other two on my computer right now. There was one more ram concept, and a lion mask. i settled on the wooly ram.

with my concept chosen, i braved the wilds of two bus lines and the night time wonder of West Roxbury with a friend to go to joann fabrics to get material. Successful trip, by the way.

the mask is made entirely by hand. Its fake fur, yarn, and felt as of right now. A pair of real ram horns will be a later addition. Each piece of yarn has been tenderly placed and set by hand, and its taken quite a bit of time hunched over in my studio thus far. For critique next week, i will be doing face make up to mimic a ram (stylistically) so, another pic will come later on.

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